Brand: Apotekarnes Cost: 14 KR Found at: Coop   It's a long time coming, but I’ve finally gotten what’s coming to me.   For years, I have delighted in watching non-Americans try root beer: gleeful in their reactions of disgust and horror. I was raised on the stuff, so I can drink it like water,... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola Lemon and Vitamin

Brand: Coca-Cola Cost: 129 yen Found at: 7-11   Putting vitamins in coke-a-cola is like putting protein in a potato chip. It’s a nice idea, certainly, but I did not buy this soda for my health. I bought this soda because I had a long day and I needed to mainline some sugar and caffeine.... Continue Reading →

Calpis Soda

Brand: Asahi Cost: 140 yen Found at: Vending Machine, Kamakura For the second time in as many weeks, I have been tricked. I look into the vending machine or the convenience store shelf, and I grab the cheapest bubbly water they have. Then, when I go to take a drink, I realize that I have... Continue Reading →

Jungle Man

Brand: Cherio Cost: 100yen Found At: Kyoto Vending Machine The laundromat does not always have change machines, but for 100 yen, the local vending machine will provide enough change to wash your socks – and it will even throw in a soda for your trouble. And because it was late and I had nothing else... Continue Reading →

Kirin Lemon

Brand: Kirin Cost: 150 yen Found At: Vending Machine This fizzy drink spared no time in bubbling over. As sparkling water splashed everywhere, I was gripped by the urge to yell “Champagne for everyone!” at the group of schoolchildren walking by. Like most carbonated beverages in Japan, this one does not skimp on the bubbles.... Continue Reading →

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