Green Tea

Cost: £1.80

Brand: Mr. Kon

Found at: University of Glasgow Vending Machines

I’ve been had.

I genuinely thought I was getting my favourite brand of bottled tea, Oi Ocha. ‘How lucky!’ I delighted when I saw it in the vending machine. ‘Who would have thought that I’d find my favourite tea brand in my own university’s library?’ Had I looked closely (or had I worn my glasses which I had left sitting unhelpfully on the table at home) I might have realised my mistake. Though the lime green bottle certainly looks like Oi Ocha, it is in fact a knock-off. This is Mr. Kon green tea – which itself is not such a bad thing. I was open to the prospect that it might be just as good as it’s similarly packaged cousin. Unfortunately, what I soon discovered was that this tea is the worst kind of tea:

This tea is sweet tea.

I feel so betrayed.

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