Green Tea

Cost: £1.80 Brand: Mr. Kon Found at: University of Glasgow Vending Machines I've been had. I genuinely thought I was getting my favourite brand of bottled tea, Oi Ocha. 'How lucky!' I delighted when I saw it in the vending machine. 'Who would have thought that I'd find my favourite tea brand in my own... Continue Reading →

Aomori Apple Juice – Kiou

Brand: Acrue Cost: 160 yen Found at: Acrue Vending Machine at Tokyo Station I know that I’ve talked at length about apple juice that tastes like apples. There is nothing more that can be said about apple juice that tastes like apples. So, for variety, here is an apple juice that tastes like apples –... Continue Reading →

Sweet Bean Soup

Brand: Imuraya Cost: 110 yen Found At: Vending Machine When I was an exchange student, I budgeted 150 yen every day for the vending machine on the way to school. It was a needless expense, but I’m only human and it became one of the highlights of my day. If I was feeling fancy, I... Continue Reading →

High-Quality Tea

Brand: Sapporo Price: 150 Found At: Vending Machine The thing I really love about living abroad is that life is full of little victories. If I buy shampoo and not fabric softener? Victory. If I get off at the right train stop? Victory. If I learn how to pay for my amazon purchases on my... Continue Reading →

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