Brand: OLW

Cost: 9.95 KR

Found at: Coop


I have gotten into a vicious spiral with these chocolates. I buy one for the blog. Then, in a moment of weakness, I eat it without ever having taken a picture or making any mental notes about what to write about it. Then, realizing that I need to actually write something, I buy another. And in another moment of weakness, I eat that one, too. Over and over I repeat the same mistake – cursed to eat the Smash! bar without ever having proof that I ate it.

And it is not as if it is uniquely delicious, either. In fact, it tastes almost exactly like chocolate-covered corn nuts. It’s the kind flavor you might get if you’ve unwisely packed all your snacks together on a hot day, and they melt together into a single Franken-food of chocolate and salt and an incongruous spices. It’s the kind of flavor of state fairs – when you finally let loose and eat those things you forbid yourself during the rest of the year. It’s the kind of flavor that you both relish and regret. Yet it is just this kind of flavor, and carnival feeling that comes with it, that makes this chocolate so hard to resist. With expensive, gourmet chocolates I am able to demonstrate some sort of restraint – they are something to be savored, after all. But with the Smash! bar, all I want to do is shove it in my mouth as fast as I can. It is salty, crunchy, sweet, and completely over the top – and that’s what makes it wonderful. There are times for sedated enjoyment, but what is life without a little wanton hedonism now and then?

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