Emser Tablet

Brand: Frazer

Cost: 10.95 KR

Found at: Coop


These candies are entirely and completely mind-bending. They are a pale, Easter-time pink and vaguely egg-shaped. You might think that they would be bubble-gum, strawberry, or watermelon flavored, but no: these are peppermint flavored. That’s ok. After all, pink and peppermint is not the weirdest pairing in the world. But then, as they slowly dissolve, you realize that the flavor is changing: from peppermint, to chocolate, to … salt? That’s right: these are pink peppermints mints with a salty center. And all that I could forgive as a weird Swedish quirk, but the weirdest thing that I cannot quite overcome – the package recommends that you can also dissolve these tablets in warm milk? That is just too much.

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