Crispy Green Pea Snacks

Brand: Mini Stop

Cost: 108

Found At: Mini Stop

 After the Japanese Mustard Spinach Protein Cookies, I had very low expectations for the Mini Stop’s “health conscious treats” section. But I am glad that I gave the savory side of the section a try because these green pea snacks are delicious! They are crunchy, green, little, puffed treats with a texture somewhere between a chip and a rice cake. They have been cut into thin strips the serrated edges that look like they were cut by kindergarten novelty craft scissors. Something in the baking process has caused them to curl upwards, and the overall effect is that of like tiny sea creatures. If you close your eyes and visualize intently, you could almost believe that these are some sort of shrimp flavor. But, in fact, they are made of green peas that have crushed and then baked into a salty, savory snack. Again, these are extremely good – and they even have 2.3 g of fiber! I don’t know if that is a lot, but it sure sounds nice.

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