Chocolate Banana Crepe

Brand: Mini Stop Price: 241 yen Found At: Mini Stop The Buddhists say that expectations are the root of suffering. This crepe was an object lesson in this. Namely, I was expecting less banana. In my mind, I had imagined a thick crepe filled with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sliced bananas in around equal... Continue Reading →

Chestnut Mochi

Brand: Yamazaki Cost: 129 yen Found At: Mini Stop   How do you “autumn up” an old classic? You stick a chestnut in it.   And that’s it.   They have stuck a cooked chestnut into the middle of a regular mochi and charged me extra for the privilege of feeling “seasonal.”   Points for... Continue Reading →

Green Smoothie

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 165 yen Found At: Mini Stop I have a chip on my shoulder about “green smoothies.” Health food in general, actually. It is the privilege of the happy eater – I eat with gusto and without reserve because I have no food allergies, no food revulsions, and a strong body image.... Continue Reading →

Crispy Green Pea Snacks

Brand: Mini Stop Cost: 108 Found At: Mini Stop  After the Japanese Mustard Spinach Protein Cookies, I had very low expectations for the Mini Stop’s “health conscious treats” section. But I am glad that I gave the savory side of the section a try because these green pea snacks are delicious! They are crunchy, green,... Continue Reading →

Salmon Stick

 Brand: Mystery Cost: 399 yen Found At: Mini Stop I like fish. More specifically, I like salmon. Today, especially, has been an unusually salmon-y day. I’m not sure if the cause is nutritional, and I need more protein in my diet, or sentimental, and I am missing the fishy taste of home. Either way, I... Continue Reading →

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