Chocolate Banana Crepe

Brand: Mini Stop

Price: 241 yen

Found At: Mini Stop

The Buddhists say that expectations are the root of suffering. This crepe was an object lesson in this. Namely, I was expecting less banana. In my mind, I had imagined a thick crepe filled with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and sliced bananas in around equal proportions. This is my preconceived image of a crepe. This was, therefore, the expectation that was then disappointed when I discovered that this crepe was just a whole banana, attached to a crepe with the gentlest layer of whipped cream and chocolate. I suppose that I should be grateful with how much healthier my dessert option was than then one that I had imagined. I was getting all sorts of healthful potassium and natural sugars and fiber. But I had not turned to the chocolate banana crepe for its health benefits. I’ve never suffered the delusion that my indulgences are healthy. And because I came to the experience with expectations, I was duly disappointed.

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