Sesame Barley Tea

Brand: Suntory Cost: 140 yen Found At: Family Mart   Do you ever innocently buy a bottle of tea only to discover that it is actually a high-blood pressure treatment? There I was, innocently reaching for a bottle of sesame tea, and now I’m improving my heart health. As usual, it seems I have accidently... Continue Reading →

Craftea Orange Tea

Brand: Minute Maid Cost: 160 yen Found At: Vending Machine   Sweet tea is my green eggs and ham. I do not like it. Which is odd, because I like sweet things and I like tea and I like to eat my sweet things with my tea. But I don't like sweet tea.  So, it... Continue Reading →

Macha Oi Ocha

Brand: Italian Wysteria Garden Cost: 129 yen Found At: Mini Stop You know those people who are almost too easygoing? So relaxed that they make your life more stressful. They are so perfectly content to go with the flow that they are inevitably in the way. You cannot put any decision to them because doing... Continue Reading →

Earl Grey Tea

Brand: 7-11 Premium Cost: 100 yen Found At: 7-11 When I bought this, I did not know what it was. This is the great danger of the Japanese foreign-word phonetic alphabet: without spaces or accents or kanji characters, it can sometimes be very hard to parse what is being spelled. Emil often complains to me... Continue Reading →

Healthy Green Tea a

Brand: Kao Cost: 172 yen Found At: Family Mart I like my tea like I like my life partners. Strong, healthy, and containing at least 540mg of Catechin. This tea, like it’s jasmine counterpart, insists that it will increase my metabolism and decrease my body fat and, once again, I end up paying slightly more... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Tokuchya (“Special Tea”)

Brand: Suntory Cost: 183 yen Found At: Family Mart I’m not sure if this “special tea” is a new thing or if I just haven’t noticed it until now, but either way, I have suddenly started seeing this tea everywhere. A clue as to why came from my Japanese co-worker, who admitted to paying 30-50... Continue Reading →

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