Brand: Bubblicious

Cost: 1 KR

Found at: Willy:s

During my recent adventure with Julemust, I tried to describe root beer to one of Emil’s cousins. Instantly, he perked up: “I know what root beer tastes like!” he declared.

And that’s how I learned about Jenka gum. And having tried it, I have to admit that it’s not so far off. It certainly smells like root beer and has enough of the sassafras flavor to get the idea across. It’s not exactly the same – it’s much blander then true root beer –  but it gives me a welcome point of reference to discuss the world’s best soft drink with the uninitiated.

My main problem with the gum is that the flavor lasts all of a minute before it becomes chewable rubber. But that’s how I remember Bubbilicious gum in the 90s. So, it was worth the kroner (10¢), just for the nostalgia.

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