Tuc – Sweet Chili Flavor

Brand: Tuc

Cost: 7.90KR

Found at: Willy:s


Spicy Chicken’na Biscuit – that’s the best way I can describe this.

The biscuit itself is great – it’s that light, fluffy, crunchy biscuit that I associate with Tuc – but the spice powder coating is not pleasant. The initial experience of eating this biscuit is that of flavor overload. Salty, spicy, and savory all vie for dominance on your tongue in a way that is less “subtle interplay” and more “back-alley brawl.” Eventually, after you chew for a few moments, the sweet chili flavor comes through and lingers for a moment or two, but it’s a very unsatisfactory payoff for the sensory overload that precedes it.

Had the taste been more restrained, I think I could really have enjoyed these biscuits. But as it is, I think I’d rather keep my taste buds.

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