Brand: Bubblicious Cost: 1 KR Found at: Willy:s During my recent adventure with Julemust, I tried to describe root beer to one of Emil’s cousins. Instantly, he perked up: “I know what root beer tastes like!” he declared. And that’s how I learned about Jenka gum. And having tried it, I have to admit that... Continue Reading →

Tuc – Sweet Chili Flavor

Brand: Tuc Cost: 7.90KR Found at: Willy:s   Spicy Chicken’na Biscuit – that’s the best way I can describe this. The biscuit itself is great - it’s that light, fluffy, crunchy biscuit that I associate with Tuc – but the spice powder coating is not pleasant. The initial experience of eating this biscuit is that... Continue Reading →

Salta Katten (Salt Cats)

Brand: Frazer Cost: 3.90KR Found at: Willy:s One of my father’s favorite anecdotes is The Story of The Salty Liquorice, a story told so often in my childhood that it has taken on its own identity. It revolves around his university roommate (a Swede) and her boyfriend (now husband of 30 years). The two of... Continue Reading →


Brand: Storck Cost: 11.90KR for 3 Found at: Willy:s   Emil drinks dark coffee. Not Christian Bale’s Batman dark (where you drink it and think, “wow, that’s pretty heavy”) but something more akin to Grave of the Fireflies dark (where you take a sip and want to start crying). It’s the kind of coffee you... Continue Reading →

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