Turkish Delight

Brand: Cadbury

Cost: £0.40

Found at: Tesco


I did not know what Turkish delight was until just now, so for all those out there who (like me) only know it as a Narnia reference, Turkish delight is basically rose-flavored gelatine (about the consistency of a gummy bear on a hot day). This Cadbury Turkish delight is also covered in a coating of milk chocolate.


Now, if I step back and really think about it, I can admit that this candy is pretty tasty. Sure, the combination of rose and chocolate is not going to be the next taste sensation to sweep the nation (the chocolate flavor really doesn’t add anything to the experience) but the rose flavor is pleasant and fragrant and so overall this candy is very palatable.


But the texture will haunt me. There’s something about the “mouth-feel” of chocolate-covered Jello that is genuinely upsetting. Maybe in a small, bite-sized chocolate, this jelly filling wouldn’t be so unnerving, but biting into a gummy brick with a hard shell is viscerally discordant. I keep trying to like it – to overrule my innate aversion to the texture – but I cannot shake the feeling that I am eating a caterpillar. I find it just so gross and I cannot move past it.


At least it is a relief to know that Tilda Swinton will not be able to tempt me any time soon.


Unless she comes with baklava, in which case, my family is hosed.

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