Pineapple and Beetroot Fruit and Veg Crisps

Brand: Nim’s

Found at: Tesco

Cost: £1


Usually, when someone is marketing a bold food combination, it is a sign that it is actually a food innovation. If I look at something and think: ‘there’s no way that will work,’ it’s a good sign that it is actually so good that the flavor can overcome the bias against it.


Not these chips though.


These chips are gross.


It seems obvious now, but pineapple does not lend itself to chip form. The hard fibrous flesh of the pineapple chips managed to simultaneously cut my mouth to shreds and get stuck between every single one of my teeth. It is not crunchy or crispy so much as genuinely tough. Even if the pineapple were chip-able, the combination with beets is not the flavor sensation I had hoped. Beets are sweet and so are pineapples. Together, they don’t provide a pleasant contrast or an interesting compliment, they are just two differently sweet things that do not really match. Sure, it will provide a serving of fruit and vegetables for the day, but at what cost?

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