Peanut Butter Ginger Chews

Brand: Sina

Cost: 7KR

Found at: Asian Market


Everyone should keep a box of these in their car. If you’ve never had them, I recommend a trip to your nearest Asian grocery store. They are a chewy, ginger-based candy that are about an inch long and about the consistency of a caramel. They come in several flavors: full-on ginger, orange, mango, peppermint, but the best one is clearly the peanut-flavored one. (And that’s not just because I like to eat peanut butter out of the jar) But whichever flavor you pick, they all pack a punch when it comes to ginger potency, with a fleeting spiciness I generally only associate with peppers.


But the best part of these candies are actually their medicinal properties. I have friends who eat them when they get sick and they swear by them. When flu season is approaching, a fair amount of my health-nut friends chew these religiously, but I’m not nearly that foresighted. I personally chew them for motion-sickness and have had a lot of luck. If I know that I’m in for a long, winding, backseat car ride, I keep a pack in my bag and pull them out as soon as the nausea kicks in. It never fails to settle my stomach, and to taste great while it does.

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