Brand: Scan

Found at: Coop

Cost: 14.95


I do not like liver.


This is uncommon for me, because I am generally very food-positive. But liver tastes like iron, and I have no interest in a dish that makes me feel like I’ve just licked a lamp-post.


But I like liver paste.


I feel like the smaller version of myself who loved ketchup and pasta sauce but hated tomatoes. There’s just something different about liver when you blend it up with bacon, onion, salt, and pepper. Gone is the horrible metallic tinge, replaced with the wonderfully salty, savory flavor that I’m absolutely crazy for. I eat this on crackers, on bread – on anything with a flat surface really. It’s become one of my favorite dishes here. And yet, I still won’t touch a plate of liver if my life depended on it.


Life, as always, is full of little mysteries.

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