Moose Pâté

Brand: Hissa Found at: Karlstad Christmas Market   I have no problem with eating moose. Moose are grumpy animals who will trample you as soon as look at you. Not only will a moose crush you to death if you hit one with your car, but I firmly believe that they take great pleasure in... Continue Reading →

Kalles Kaviar

Brand: Abba Seafood Cost: 21.95KR Found at: Coop   This is a tube of refrigerated, salted cod roe that is absolutely ubiquitous in Sweden. Every grocery store will have a hanging display of a variety of tubes filled with every possible topping under the sun. There’s a tube of cheese, a tube of mayonnaise, a... Continue Reading →


Brand: Scan Found at: Coop Cost: 14.95   I do not like liver.   This is uncommon for me, because I am generally very food-positive. But liver tastes like iron, and I have no interest in a dish that makes me feel like I’ve just licked a lamp-post.   But I like liver paste.  ... Continue Reading →


Brand: Rydbergs Found at: Coop Cost: 27.50KR for 200g, 47.50 for 400g   The history of Swedish Cuisine generally follows a very simple precept. Import a new animal, vegetable, or foodstuff. Add mayonnaise to it. If it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, ditch it.   I thought Japan was mayonnaise crazy, but Sweden built... Continue Reading →

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