Brand: Cloetta

Found at: Coop

Found at: 7.5 KR


You cannot go wrong with a milk-chocolate bar filled with caramel. Unless, of course, you name it “Plopp.”

But as much as this candy bar evokes like the sound that ruined the romance of a horse-drawn carriage ride, there is a reason that it’s a Swedish staple. It is absolutely delicious. The chocolate is so smooth and creamy and the caramel is so sweet and indulgent that it is hard to believe that it only costs around 75 cents US. And while I do love (really LOVE) Hershey’s chocolate, Plopp definitely illustrates the difference in the quality of cheap chocolates on either side of the Atlantic. This is the kind of richness and smoothness that I generally associate in much more expensive chocolates – and certainly not the candies in the check-out line. But hey, there’s nothing I like more than living luxuriously on a shoestring budget, and with a cup of tea and a bar of Plopp, I can feel just that little bit more like a princess while watching my Youtube murder documentaries.

I just hope it means something else in Swedish.


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