Fondant au Chocolat Swebar Protein Bar

Brand: Swebar

Found at: ICA

Cost: 15KR


Protein bars: the catfish of candy bars. I like to pretend that I’m eating healthy food, but really it’s just a socially acceptable way to cram 21g of sugar into my face while at the same time implying that I exercise. And what a glorious 21g of sugar this is. Chocolate coating around a chewy, soft chocolate bar filled with gooey chocolate sauce – as if the protein bar manufacturers asked themselves: is there such a thing as too much chocolate? (Which, as it turns out, there is not.) And somewhere in that delicious monstrosity, they’ve managed to shoe-horn in 17g of protein. Better living through chemistry, I guess.


But I did not buy it for the protein content or the chocolate content or the fact that I have no impulse control at the check-out stand – but as a way to soothe the hurt feelings of my Swedish boyfriend after the Swedish women’s soccer team lost to the Netherlands on Wednesday. To his credit, he’s putting on a brave face. Whenever I ask him, he says things like: “I don’t watch sports” and “I did not even know they were playing,” but inside he’s devastated. I can tell by the way he never mentions it.


So, the least I can do is show a little solidarity, donate 15 Kronor to the Swedish women’s soccer team, and subsequently chow down like a rabid raccoon at an ankle party. Love is about compromise, after all.

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