KanPan (Can Bread)

Brand: Sanrotsu

Cost: 108 yen

Found at: Daiso

I will not survive the apocalypse. I’m a city girl with the survival skills of an up-market Havanese dog so I am well aware that as soon as the hot water runs out, I will probably immediately fall down dead from the shock of cold water on my delicate skin. And I have made peace with this, after all, who wants to live in a world without youtube vloggers and fresh kiwis?

To the survivors, scavenging the hell-scape for the last few scraps of humanity, I can leave only this advice: get yourself some KanPan (can bread). There was a year-old can (they also come in cans, for maximum prepping convenience) that had been left in the office when I first arrived in Japan and I can attest that it was just as good as the two-year-old can that we opened up last week. I’ve left this particular bag in the open air for several days now and the crisp little biscuits are still as crunchy and delicious as ever. Time seems to mean nothing to the KanPan. I am convinced that these biscuits are shelf-stable for approximately forever and unlike stewed tomatoes and freeze-dried chicken teriyaki, these were good before the end of the world!

They are a solid, tasty, crunchy little biscuit with a light sesame flavor and added calcium to boot. They are not unlike pretzels in texture (though much less salty) and they are a perfect thing to munch on, whether with a cup of bubble tea and a romantic comedy, or while on look out against the Mad-Max type gangs that roam the wasteland. After all, it’s the end days: might as well enjoy them.

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