Grand Jagabee – Truffle Salt

Brand: Calbee

Cost: 152 yen

Found at: Lawson

If you took a potato, sliced it into French-fry sized quadrants, rubbed those quadrants vigorously in your armpits, and then freeze-dried them, you would have a rough approximation of the Grand Jagabee’s truffle salt chips. They are not horrific, but they certainly provide that pungent, truffle trademark so mysteriously loved by foodies. Unfortunately, I am not nearly foodie enough to fully appreciate these finer things – to me, these are just unusually mushroom-y potato chips. Not bad, but also not nearly as good as the standard salt-and-oil variety. However, if you happen to be in the market for a cheap way to make your snacking every so slightly fancier than it usually is – or if you are throwing a theme party – these aren’t a bad choice. They are palatable even to those who don’t like truffles.

As for people who like truffles, well – if you don’t have anything nice to say…

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