Honey Flavor Peeled Roasted Chestnut

Brand: East King Company

Cost: 54 yen

Found at: Daiso


I bought these purely as a gag, expecting them to be horrible and therefore fodder for an amusing blog post. Unfortunately, I was not disappointed, which was disappointing. These are pretty tasty. The chestnuts have been boiled until they are the texture of cooked potato. They are then seasoned with honey, which lends a mild sweetness that becomes more pronounced ā€“ but at no point overpowering ā€“ the longer you chew. The overall effect is that of a desert spud, which (believe it or not) is lovely. Honestly, I could munch on these all day and I recommend them as a great snacking alternative that also provides an extra boost of manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. They may not be the healthiest nuts on the tree, but they still have more manganese than potato chips. And they taste good, which is the most important part.

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