Apple Kit-Kat

Brand: Nestle

Cost: Travel Souvenier

Found by: Coworker Liz


Chocolate is amazing. Apple is amazing. Chocolate apple is unpalatable.

It is very, very rare that I do not finish something that I started eating. It’s a matter of some personal pride that I can get through anything. But half-way through this small chocolate and all I could think was: “life’s too short.” And I actually threw out the other half. There’s just too much dissonance to the flavors – the warm chocolate flavor and the crisp apple flavor only manage to evoke the impression that one or both have gone slightly bad. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is wrong other than the clash of two incongruous flavors. And it is equally hard to describe it without using such biased terms as God awful.

It is a shame, really, because the area in and around Nagano where Co-worker Liz went hiking is apparently scenic and beautiful and well worth the trip. Yet even with her warm praise, the Kit-Kat has put me off ever visiting. I feel as if the entire JR East region has somehow lost my trust – owes me an apology for the misleadingly jaunty packaging. How can I possible visit a place with such a poor taste in regional Kit-Kats? Just think of what other local specialties I might have to endure.

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