Sweet Potato Cream Puff

Brand: Family Mart (Famima Sweets)

Cost: 140 yen

Found At: Family Mart


Fall is here! And just like America’s obsession with pumpkin spice, Japan celebrates the autumn with its own particular seasonal flavor –sweet potato. There are sweet potato cakes, sweet potato pies, sweet potato pastries, and this glorious creation – the sweet potato cream puff.

And not to sound like a college student on my gap year, but we need bring this to the US. Sweet potato is already delicious and sweet potato sweets are phenomenal! In fact, this cream puff is possibly the best cream puff I have ever had – and I’ve had a lot. The outside is a soft and delicious pastry, dyed purple to mimic the skin of a sweet potato. The cream inside is a rich, gold, sweet-potato custard made with real potato and thick, gooey cream. Its sweet and decadent and potato-y – it tastes like the marshmallow and sweet potato pie that my mother used to make for Thanksgiving.

Needless to say, I’m completely sold on the concept. Then again, I also like pumpkin spice – so maybe I am just basic. Or maybe, I am just so relieved that I can finally dig out my sweaters and be comfortable again, that I am predisposed to like everything about the autumn. Whatever the reason, I am in love with this cream puff. If you’re in Japan and the summer is ending, you have to try it.

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