Sweet Potato Chips

Brand: Fujisafu

Cost: >200 yen

Found At: Cainz

This snack combines the delicate taste of sweet potato, the hardy flavor of new cardboard, and the consistency of crunchy packing peanuts. I can only imagine that, after a long day of laboratory research in the search for biodegradable packing materials, there was some sort of accident. Somehow, the sweet potato-based cushioning fell into a bag of normal chips and was accidentally eaten by some overworked, underfed graduate student. Or maybe, unable to sell their warehouse of plant-based packaging, this was the Fujisafu Company’s way of cutting their losses. Either way, this is just another example of big business putting profits above the emotional wellness of the consumer.

This is not a chip. This is chip fraud. And I am not about to let THE MAN get away with it. #notachip #solidarityforever

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