White Chocolate Strawberries

Brand: Muji

Cost: 290 Yen

Found at: Muji

This chocolate is the taste equivalent of Susan Boyle – it looks innocuous, but it is going to make you feel some shit.

The first few seconds are mild enough: the mild white chocolate flavor blending perfectly with a little hint of strawberry. But as the freeze-dried strawberry begins to hydrate, it becomes more and more powerful. It does not matter if you were ready for the strawberry or not:  the strawberry is ready for you. Within a few seconds, it is the only flavor on the palate – it is the only flavor you can remember ever tasting. The only thing that exists now is you, and the tartness of that strawberry. You begin to wonder – with the last shred of consciousness left in your mind – if science hasn’t gone too far. Man was not meant to experience fruit like this – and soon the flavor will be too much to bare! But then, as you teeter on the edge of oblivion, your salvation appears: the white chocolate, so recently sidelined, returns to reclaim its rightful place in the candy. It will not play second fiddle to the strawberry any longer! And in the ensuing struggle between strawberry and chocolate, the overall experience settles down into a pleasant, almost short-cakey experience.

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