Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar Chips

Brand: Calbee

Cost: 108

Found At: Daiso

If you want the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the crunch of a potato chip, and the self-righteousness of eating healthy, then these are the chips for you! They seem healthy: they are thick-cut, with the skin still visible around the outside of the chip to give the illusion of “all-natural.” The packaging even has a natural-looking chunk of brown sugar to play up how healthy it is. This is, of course, a marketing gimmick, but it worked pretty well on me. When you actually try the chip, you realize that you are eating an elephant ear made out of a potato. It’s a dessert chip – and one where the brown sugar does most of the heavy lifting. The sweet potato flavor only makes a brief appearance at the end, but it does so in such a lingering way that, if you’re not paying attention, you will forget that you are eating a tablespoon of sugar and go back for another chip. Over the course of this review, I accidentally ate the whole bag.

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