Country Ma’am Crunchy Chocolate

Brand: Fujiya Cost: 115 Found At: Family Mart My co-worker last term was obsessed with “Country Ma’am.” They are a brand of bulk cookies that are sold here, and to be fair they are really good. They are soft and sweet and most importantly, they are cheap. And like Twix, they have a variety of... Continue Reading →

Beauty Rose Fluffy Soft Candy

Brand: Kracie Cost: 120 Found At: My Basket Grocery Store Never before have I wondered what would happen if perfume, breath mints, and skincare products were combined into a candy. But as usual, Japan has answers to the questions I never thought to explore. The packaging describes the flavor as a “fruity candy with the... Continue Reading →

Young Girl Lemon Challenge

Brand: Ribon Cost: 108 yen Found at: Kyoto Daiso There are times when you expect the worst and are pleasantly surprised. There are other times when you expect the worst and you are dead on. I knew as soon as I saw the illustration of a blonde Elvis with a lemon for hair that I... Continue Reading →

Crunchy and Fragrant Peanut Black Chocolate

Brand: Family Mart Cost: DOESN’T MATTER but actually 108 yen Found At: Family Mart I’m not sniffy when it comes to chocolate. I can recognize good chocolate, but I will eat Hershey’s chocolate bars happily enough. I’ve heard the arguments against cheap chocolate - often from Europeans who are clearly working through some candy-based trauma.... Continue Reading →


Brand: Yuraku Confectionery Company Cost: 31 yen Found At: Family Mart The problem with reviewing this chocolate is that I am not an unbiased observer. My perception of it is clouded by the length and depth of my relationship with this dramatically named chocolate bar. It is not that I like this chocolate, it’s not... Continue Reading →

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