Beauty Rose Fluffy Soft Candy

Brand: Kracie

Cost: 120

Found At: My Basket Grocery Store

Never before have I wondered what would happen if perfume, breath mints, and skincare products were combined into a candy. But as usual, Japan has answers to the questions I never thought to explore. The packaging describes the flavor as a “fruity candy with the brilliant smell of roses” and this is completely accurate. The crunchy shell of these candies contains damask rose oil and tastes like licking the perfume section at a Macy’s. Underneath that shell is a tart interior that tastes like rose-hip tea, though it’s difficult to determine any other flavor over the nose-bombarding rose explosion. But, according to the package, there’s more to this candy than just the overpowering taste. The geraniol – a primary component of rose oil which also occurs in many essential oils (I am told) – will apparently make my breath and body smell “brilliant,” and the vitamin C and other “beauty ingredients” will help me achieve not only beauty, but happiness. It is a lot of work for a convenience store candy but hey, I will never turn down beauty and happiness, even if I have to smell like an English country garden to do so.


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