Raspberry Tarts

Brand: Morton’s Rolls

Cost: £2

Found At: Morrison’s

Even as an American, my pancreas has never had to work so hard. This is easily one of the sweetest things I have ever eaten in my life – sweeter than marshmallows and sugar cubes and Japanese tea sweets made of pressed sugar. Hands down, no question, this tops them all and it’s not even close. It is literally so sweet that it burns.

The word ‘tart’ here is misleading. These are not fruit pastries or cute little pies – they are sugar missiles masquerading as tarts. The only fruit that I could find was a teaspoon (or less) of raspberry jam that sits just at the bottom of these little treats. The rest of the shell was liberally filled with a hefty layer of marshmallow cream that was then been capped with a shell of pink icing. Had I been under 12, I would have absolutely lost my mind over these things – but as an adult, I immediately needed a nap. Years of eating vegetables and drinking water were completely wiped away in one bite – I felt like shaking and crying and running a marathon all at once. I honestly think that this one tart has taken years of my life – and there were still 3 more tarts left in the packaging!

Scotland, how do you live like this??

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