Quiche Lorraine

Brand: Morrisons

Cost: £0.50

Found At: Morrisons


In this time of uncertainty, I am the queen of discount deli food.


For the past three weeks, the supermarkets have been pillaged for essentials: bread, eggs, flour, rice, pasta. Anything that will help get you through a pandemic or a hurricane has been whisked away and if you did not buy them before then you are out of luck now. This was how I ended up at the store in the first place: I had faithfully avoided buying toilet paper until I needed it, which it turned out was too late.


Luxuries, however, have been left untouched by shoppers who fear that it will be months before they return to the supermarket again. It also means that you can clean up on what they deem inessential. Walking the empty deli was like walking into paradise: light shone down on the refrigerated cases stuffed with food and all gleaming with yellow discount stickers. In the isles behind me, people hurried and grabbed with the nervous energy of extended uncertainty. In front of me, the fancy cheeses and sculpted pastries sat in pristine repose: unbothered in the crisis.


And that is how I returned home with a bag full of mini quiches. Udwak and I have been feasting like queens: sitting in our sweatpants and munching daintily on some of the finer things in life. This quiche, for instance, is full of eggs, crème, pork lardons, and rich Gruyere cheese. If this continues, this pandemic might prove the most luxurious time of our lives.


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