Beetroot and Turmeric Wrap with Ginger Slaw

Brand: Sainsbury’s On the Go

Cost: £3

Found at: Sainsbury’s


This is one of those snacks that feels like it was created by a marketing team with a dartboard of buzzwords. It’s got pickles, it’s got root vegetables, it’s got turmeric – it’s got so many healthy things that you cannot call yourself health conscious if you walk down the Sainsbury’s aisle without buying it. Though the flavor is fairly bland, the yellow and red tortillas make these two wraps particularly beautiful to look at. On a scale of one to social-media-ready, this wrap leans heavily towards the Instagramable. And after all, “phone eats first”


And though I do many things for The Gram, I chose these wraps specifically because I felt that I needed to up my health food game. I generally eat well, but this week has been an orgy of hamburgers, noodles, and nachos, and I thought I might treat my gastrointestinal tract to a much-deserved rest. Unfortunately, after such overindulgence, my body was unfamiliar with this new vegan fare and proceeded to rapidly bloat until I looked like the Hindenburg and was about as safe around open flames. It turns out, I spent £3 to look like I’m badly shoplifting a watermelon. I even had to politely excuse myself from a party for fear that, given the lack of windows, that I might accidentally suffocate the guests.


So, be warned: while this wrap may do wonders for your health, it’s brutal on your social life.


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