Mayo Arare

Brand: Bokkusu

Found at: Bokkusu


The polite way to describe these crackers is: “mayonnaise forward.” If you like eating Miracle Whip out of the jar but always wished it was crunchier, then these are the crackers for you. They are, to put it mildly, powerfully mayonnaise-flavored.

In fairness, they are advertised as such, but in a world of compotes, reductions, and Tuscan inspired fusion cuisine, I expected subtlety – and this was perhaps unfair.  What I got, was a packet of crackers that are out here #claimingthierspace, #lovingthemselves, and #beingHellmann’s. As someone who has spent a lifetime learning how to be unapologetic in myself, I’m impressed: you have to admire a little rice cracker that can stand up and say, in such unflinching terms, “I am a condiment.”

And I’m sure, out there in the world, there are mayonnaise lovers who would find their snack nirvana in these mayo arare. (In fact, I am pretty sure that I am even related to a few of them.) But for my sake, I can only admire these crackers from afar: impressed by a snack that makes a statement.

It’s just not a statement that I understand.

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