Caramel Log

Brand: Tunnock’s

Found at: Iceland

Cost: £1 for 6


Even the most hardened Anglophile has to admit that the UK is far from perfect. The trains never seem to run on time, the government offices never seem to be reliable or consistent, and I’ve never seen anyone litter quite like the British. That being said, the British seem to have one hefty vote in their favor: Tunnock’s.


I don’t understand how they can do it, but Tunnock’s candies always manage to blow me away. This “log” is just a rectangle of wafers and caramel covered in chocolate. Nothing ground-breaking, yet it’s absolutely great. I love it. I’m obsessed.


It’s the perfect snack for having tea, waiting for a delayed train, or destressing after an unproductive call to the visa office.


Just, for the love of Paddington Bear, stop throwing the wrappers on the ground. Your country has trash cans. I’ve seen them.

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