Fudge Brownie

Brand: Coop

Cost: 3 for 25KR

Found at: Coop


Every supermarket I’ve been to in Sweden or Norway has an aluminum can/plastic bottle recycling machine. It’s easy to use, you just stick your old soda cans into the round opening, a conveyer belt takes it to the scanner, and the machine calculates the refund you get for recycling – usually about 10-20 cents per can. When you’ve fed in all your empties, it prints you a bar code and you can spend your refund on anything at the grocery store. It’s an easy and convenient way to save the earth and also save a few bucks, which I appreciate as a lazy environmentalist.


Now, whenever I go to do my recycling, I have a plan for the money I get. I am going to buy carrots and onions and lots of other cheap and hearty vegetable to fill the pantry. I am not going to buy a chocolate brownie. Under no circumstances will I buy a soft, gooey chocolate brownie with chocolate frosting and salted toffee sprinkled on top. I have experienced the delights of the Coop’s classic treat and there is no need for me to try it again. I am RESOLVED. I am STRONG. I am walking past the pastry case, untempted.


Needless to say, I always buy the brownie.


I’m only human, after all.

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