Salt Charge Sports Drink Flavors

Brand: Kabaya

Cost: 200 yen

Found at: Lawson’s


Spring is just barely here and already I am beginning to dread the summer – both for the sweltering heat and for the unflattering summer fashions that make me look like a sweaty mole rat that’s burrowed through the sale rack of an H&M. Two options present themselves in confronting these unhappy summer realities: either I can go outside, get in shape, and sweat in the summer heat – or I can stay inside, watch my favorite TV dramas, and sweat in the summer heat. Come July, I will either have a figure worth looking at, or one that will never be seen except for the occasional mad dashes to the grocery store – both equally appealing options in my book. But however I choose to live my best life, I will be sweating – and if I am sweating, I will be losing salt and exposing myself to weakness, nausea, irritability, and general fatigue.

Luckily for me, in Japan, summer sodium deficiency is not only recognized but pragmatically addressed in the form of sodium charge candies. Basically, these candies are Gatorade powder, loaded with additional salt, and pressed into a small lozenge. During last year’s summer hike with the kids, they each were in charge of carrying their own supply of water, a hat, and a few of these candies to get them through. I’m not sure how necessary these supplies were given that the majority of the hike was done via gondola, but I was nevertheless deeply impressed by the concept of this lightweight, salt-packed summer sweet. Sure, it tastes like a salt lick that had been cleverly disguised with a little sugar and lemon, but it beats dehydration – and it’s actually kinda growing on me. This summer, I will be ready.

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