Godiva Belgian Chocolate Sandwich

Brand: Uchi Café and Godiva

Cost: 324 yen

Found At: 7-11

“The Japanese diet is so healthy!” they said. “Japanese people are thin because they eat so well!” They told me.

And then I showed up and I swear that this country is actively trying to give me diabetes. The sweets are the sweetest and the chocolate is the chocolatiest and the decadence is unparalleled. And I have no defense. I look out across the sea of sugar and think: ‘It will be mine.’

But in fairness to myself, I resisted the Godiva chocolate sandwich for a respectable amount of time – that is until I wandered into the convenience store after a long day, too busy and exhausted to resist its charms. And it was everything I’d hoped it would be: a rich tower of dark Belgian chocolate wafers and chocolate that was exactly as indulgent as I felt I needed. Did I feel guilty after eating it all? Yes. Would I do it again? Also yes.

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