Macrobiotic Biscuit – Cacao

Brand: Morinaga

Cost: 162 yen

Found At: 7-11

Oh, man! These are really, really good. These are small chocolate biscuits made from almonds, cacao, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, brown rice, and hazelnuts and they taste like granola cookies. Usually, I can eat one or two units of any given snack at a time before I’ve had enough. I like chips and chocolate (clearly), but after a few handfuls, I’m usually satisfied. But I literally had to put this bag in a drawer because I couldn’t be trusted not to eat the whole thing in one go. It’s as if the Morinaga company had canvassed at a Seattle farmer’s market and then made something to appeal exactly to that demographic. And I am absolutely the Birkenstock-wearing, canvas-bag toting, NPR-listening middle-class white woman that these biscuits were made for. I’m the kind of person who is pleased – and not horrified – to discover that these cookies contain no white sugar, no butter, and no margarine. This cookie is basically my culture, and if I’m being honest, I’m feeling a little targeted.

So, hat’s off to the Morinaga company, for catching me so handily, and look out intestines, because from now on, we are riding the macrobiotic train. I will be very impressed with myself if I can ever again pass them by without grabbing one for myself. I only hope these are not the same biotics as in Activia, or the next few months are going to be more cleansing than I had bargained for.


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