Onion Chips

Brand: Fujisafu

Cost >200 yen (I don’t remember)

Found At: Cainz

I am always looking for sweet potato chips. They are one of my favorite things and I cannot get enough of them. It was in this search that I came across an assortment of dehydrated vegetable chips at the Cainz superstore. Because I have no self-control, I bought almost all of them. Impulsive this purchase may have been, but a mistake it was not as this otherwise junior-varsity chip has completely won me over. These chips have all the sweetness and flavor of a caramelized onion, and all the crunchiness of a chip – without the oiliness of either. Instead, the texture is the puffed, melt-in-your-mouth softness that I usually associate with cheese poofs. And, because the packaging has a picture of an onion on it, I don’t need to read the caloric content. It’s clearly all natural and healthy.

Emil, on the other hand, dislikes them. You just can’t help some people.

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