Sixteen Teas

Brand: Asahi

Cost: 140 yen

Found At: Asahi Vending Machine

Sixteen Teas contains all the ingredients of a Whole-30 nightmare. It claims to contain a wholesome blend of rice, wheat, beans, and two types of millet as part of the sixteen carefully selected ingredients based on “the health wisdom of the East.”

Now, I do not consider myself an expert on the “the health wisdom of the East,” so I have to take their word for it. To me, it just tastes like mellow barley tea, which Emil has very helpfully described as tasting like “tea strained through a used coffee filter.” If you like an earthy, woody flavor to your summer drinks, then this is certainly a very refreshing option. But, if you want something sweet or familiar or tasting anything like tea, this is perhaps the wrong choice. And it has no caffeine, so how healthy can it really be?

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