Spicy-Numbing Green Peas

Brand: Numbing King Cost: 108 yen Found At: Daiso I can’t shake the feeling that I’m chewing on an Ikea coffee table. It’s possible that the peas were too vigorously dehydrated. It is possible that the spicy-numbing flavor is vaguely reminiscent of the smell of wood varnish. It’s possible that I’m just not as crazy... Continue Reading →

Super Demon King – Dark Flames

Brand: Asahi Cost: 100 yen Found At: 7-11 When I thought about my life and my future, I never expected it to contain the sentence, “I expected these to be squid tentacles.” But life is funny, and I expected this small snack package to contain squid tentacles. In fact, when I opened up the package,... Continue Reading →

Yuzu and Sichuan Pepper Chocolate

Brand: Tirol Cost: 30 yen Found At: Mini Stop Tirol Chocolates are ubiquitous in Japan. They cost between 20 and 30 yen, are about 3 cm square, and come in hundreds if not thousands of novelty flavors. One of my coworkers is obsessed with them, bringing in all sorts of exotic flavors that I can... Continue Reading →

Spicy Potato Chips

Brand: Calbee Cost: 160 yen Found At: Lawson When I lived in China, we would use any excuse to go get hot pot. Birthdays, holidays, business dinners, visiting friends, Tuesdays - whatever the occasion, we would all load into a taxi cab in search of spicy food. We went to hole-in-the-wall family joints that would... Continue Reading →

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