Double Raspberry

Brand: Magnum

Cost: £2

Found at: Morrison’s

            There’s a heatwave in Glasgow, with temperatures hovering around 25°C (~80°F), and it’s like the pandemic has hit all over again. People are sheltering in their homes, air-conditioned grocery stores are crowded, and everyone looks slightly distressed.

            Of course, not everyone is suffering from the unseasonable warm spell – at the international student accommodation, the Southerners of the world are sprawled out across the grass, warm for the first time in months. Those of us from more temperate climates can only watch them through our windows, recoiling from the sun’s brightness and afraid that the lawn loungers may start to melt at any moment. We are getting our payback for all the suffering experienced by the Italians in November, who finally get to laugh at our looks of sweaty horror and our insufficient summer wardrobes.

            In a last-ditch effort to stay cool, the ladies and I drew lots, and I was sent out to go retrieve some frozen desserts. I was clearly not the only one sent out on a mission of mercy: when I arrived at the Morrison’s, I found the frozen food isle completely ransacked of all ice-creams, popsicles, and frozen fruits. Like a protagonist in an oddly specific zombie video game, I had to grab whatever frozen treats were left and run home before they melted – stopping only at the homes of other overheated expats for a quick delivery of frozen relief. When I arrived home – exhausted from the heat and somehow already sunburnt – I knew I had only barely made it out with my life.

            But it was all worth it for this chocolate raspberry ice cream on a stick. And as I sat in the cool darkness of my kitchen, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the cold cream, the rich chocolate coating, and the raspberry jam filling. A deadly virus may be stalking the streets, the economy may be spiraling into a prolonged recession, and global warming may be toasting Scotland to a crisp – but at least there was still some ice-cream left at the store. And for now, that’s all I can ask for (and all I really want).

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