Uji Matcha Daifuku

Brand: Yuki & Love

Cost: £3


The following story is a tale of a first-world problem extraordinaire. I tell it because, in this time of pandemics and primaries, it is nice to present the world with a problem that is both niche and ridiculous. Behold my tale of woe in four acts:


Act one: I had to go to the second-best Asian grocery store within walking distance from my house.


Act two: The closer and better grocery store only had Jasmine green tea in a bag and, if I’m being honest, I prefer it loose-leaf. So, I had to walk an extra five minutes to the other store.


Act three: Unfortunately, the tea I liked was very affordable, and the shop had a £5 purchase minimum if you pay by card. I had to buy something else to round out the bill.


Act four: I was left with no option than to buy these matcha green tea mochi treats made in one of my favorite places in the world.


And this is how I ended up in the library, stuffing fancy green tea snacks into my face. These are the kind of snacks that are designed to be savored: the soft ponded rice, the sweet gooey filling, and the gentle sprinkling of matcha powder over the surface. But in this case, that was not what fate had in store. Sometimes, your inner glutton takes control, and you stuff all eight into your face at once without really tasting any of them.


For a girl with so many pretentious problems, it’s amazing how trashy I can be.

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