Sensations – Thai Sweet Chili Potato Chips

Brand: Walkers

Found at: Tesco

Cost: 85p

Aside from a name which I usually associate with of over-the-counter prophylactics, these chips are off the chart! Chips are not normally my indulgence of choice. I like them, but I generally only make it through 4 or 5 before handing the bag off to Emil for demolition. I’m learning, as they are one of Emil’s favorite things, but I’m still unlikely to eat them on my own. But these chips are an exception; these chips are really good. They do not taste like Thai sweet chili sauce (which is what I’d hoped when I bought them) but are nevertheless gently sweet with a little zing of capsaicin. They are crispy and salty, without being too oily, which is the downside of many a chip. They are certainly expensive for a snack, but in this case, I might actually say that they are worth it: for the first time in a long time, I finished the entire bag. I even considered buying a second.

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