Green Smoothie One Day

Brand: Natural Lawson

Cost: 198

Found at: Lawson

Up to this point, I have been spoiled in my smoothie experiences. To say that this is awful is perhaps being too generous. In fact, I’m not sure that this is as much a smoothie as it is a salad that happened to fall into a blender. So, when they say that it contains a whole day’s worth of vegetables, I believe them. There is no way that you can make something taste this bad without a full coterie of fresh leafy greens that have been pummeled into oblivion in the industrial blenders of the Natural Lawson smoothie factory. I had thought it my naivete, that I would be partaking in a pleasant, fruity smoothie – something refreshing or enjoyable or good –  that would completely disguise the numerous health benefits it contained. Instead, I got the remains of the great kale massacre of 2019. If I got any nutrients from this, I fought for them.

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