Zaitaku Blueberry Drinking Yogurt

Brand: Ohayo

Cost: 129 yen

Found at: Tokyo Station Bellmart


The expensive luxury is not necessary, but I think that the everyday small luxury enriches your heart.” – The packaging of my yogurt.


Alright, blueberry yogurt, calm down. No need to get all philosophical. I came here for probiotics, not for inspirational quotes about how boxed dairy will change my life.


That’s not to say that this is not really good drinking yogurt. It is light and pleasant and tastes of real blueberries instead of weird blueberry flavoring. It’s not too sweet and not too rich and is full of fruit pulp, which is reassuring. Clearly, this is high-quality yogurt at an affordable price, which I am totally here for – and they’ve used real fruit, which means that I am actually getting some nutritional benefit!


And yes, the occasional small luxury does make life better. Why else would I keep a snack blog about all the lovely and delicious things in life? But come now. At 9:00am, I’m not quite ready to be moved to deeper thought. I’m just here for the calcium.

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