Seasonal Japanese-Style Sweets

Brand: Owashima Temple

Price: 238 yen

Found At: AEON

Autumn tea sweets, I’ve been waiting for you. I just cannot get enough of sweet bean paste or pounded sweet rice in an autumn shape. I’m crazy for tea sweets anyway, but dye them red and shape them into an autumn leaf and I am in absolute heaven.

Taste-wise, I have to admit that they are more or less the same as the spring sweet sets in their greens and pinks and cherry blossom designs. And they are also quite similar to the summer treats with their dusting of warabi powder or peach fillings. It even tastes approximately the same as the winter sweets in the shape of oranges. But I don’t care. I am a sucker for the fall and I labor under the delusion that the fall sweets are somehow inherently better.

These were especially delicious. Orange and red and yellow and brown, each of the four sweets was a variation on the theme of bean paste and mochi. The autumn leaf and the chestnut were both made of white bean paste that had been colored and shaped. The dragonfly had a flakey exterior filled with red bean paste, and the yellow blob was made of mochi filled with two different consistencies of bean. Each was sweet and gooey and completely indulgent and I enjoyed them, even more, knowing that I’d gotten them on sale.

Drinking tea, eating sweets, and looking over the Japanese garden at my new shared house on a bank holiday, I had to admit that life was pretty good.


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