Torigomoku Onigiri (“chicken mixture” rice ball)

Brand: Family Mart

Cost: 120 Yen

Found At: The Family Mart across from my house (back of the display)

A triumph. Once again, Family Mart delivers on the kind of quality I expect from such a fine convenience store establishment. Despite being fished from the very back of the rice-ball cabinet, this onigiri was not only soft and fresh, but flavorful as well. The rice itself was perfectly seasoned with strong notes of vinegar tempered with a gentle splash of mirin and soy sauce, which together combined to give the dish as a whole an attractive brown color. Once past this stunning layer of seasoned rice, you come to the perfectly proportioned center of carrots, shitake mushrooms, gobo root, and a single piece of chicken, layered lovingly on top of each-other to showcase each flavor as you chew through. The dish as a whole had a wonderful earthiness and simplicity that pairs well with either a vending machine tea or a glass of One Cup Sake.

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