Quark (Kvarg)

Brand: Lindhals Cost: 20KR Found at: Coop   “Oo! Yoghurt!” I said, unaware of the can of worms I was about to open.   “No!” said Emil, appalled, “That’s kvarg! Its thicker than yoghurt – and has more protein.”   “So, like Greek yoghurt?” I asked, apparently offending Emil’s delicate sensibilities.   “No!” he said,... Continue Reading →

Calpis Soda

Brand: Asahi Cost: 140 yen Found at: Vending Machine, Kamakura For the second time in as many weeks, I have been tricked. I look into the vending machine or the convenience store shelf, and I grab the cheapest bubbly water they have. Then, when I go to take a drink, I realize that I have... Continue Reading →

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