Fried Black Bean Mochi

Brand: Tomidaya Cost: 198 yen Found At: Yamadai   Today, I discovered that I am the Julia Child of pre-packaged food.   Let me set the scene: I have just returned from the grocery store, having impulse bought a three-pack of fried, black bean mochi. But, I am horrified to discover, the grill marks are... Continue Reading →

Chestnut Mochi

Brand: Yamazaki Cost: 129 yen Found At: Mini Stop   How do you “autumn up” an old classic? You stick a chestnut in it.   And that’s it.   They have stuck a cooked chestnut into the middle of a regular mochi and charged me extra for the privilege of feeling “seasonal.”   Points for... Continue Reading →

An’ei Mochi (An’ei Era Mochi)

Brand: Kuwana Specialty Products Cost: 260 yen Found At: Shinkansen Track Kiosk I had no idea that this mochi existed until my mother pointed to a billboard in Kumano Nachi Taisha and asked, “is that an advertisement for maxi pads?” Sure enough, the billboard featured two of these An’ei Era (1772-1781) Mochi cakes which looked... Continue Reading →

Imo Kempi

Brand: Family Mart Cost: 100 yen Found At: Family Mart, Osaka Imagine you made caramel corn out of a potato – that is imo kempi. They are sticks of sweet potato, cut into the shape of french fries, that have been candied. In texture, they exist somewhere between a chip and a candy, with a... Continue Reading →

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